Friday, January 13, 2012

Street Art, Part 2

In our previous posting on street art we wrote that we had found some wonderful guerilla art on local street signs.  About a month later as we were thumbing through an Italian magazine we happened to find an article about Clet Abraham, the artist who did them.  He’s a French artist who now lives in Florence.  When we went to Florence Henry was keeping an eye out for his work, and by complete coincidence (che sorpresa!) we stumbled upon his studio.  As you might expect, many of the street signs in that neighborhood had been “modified”.

In his studio there were post cards, posters and t-shirts with his designs on them.  A case can be made for the unfortunate commercialization of art, as well as for the fact that artists need to make money.  Either way, we didn’t buy anything.  But now Henry’s on a mission to find all the existing “modifications”.  Darn, that means more trips to Florence.

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